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NIVUS WebPortal

NIVUS WebPortal je sveobuhvatan sustav upravljanja podacima za pohranu i pružanje izmjerenih podataka.

Zahvaljujući pohrani na web portalu dostupne su raznovrsne opcije za analizu očitanja, za provjeru sustava, prosljeđivanje podataka i uzbunjivanje sve do izrade kompletnih protokola.

Measurement Data easy!

NIVUS Web Portal for efficient management of measurement data, measurement places and equipment

  • Easy access to measured data at any time
  • The most relevant system parameters at a glance
  • Alerting
  • Automated creation of customer-specific protocols
  • Predicitive maintenance for your measurement places
  • No software installation required
NIVUS WebPortal – Measurement Data available anywhere

The NIVUS WebPortal is a comprehensive data management system for storage and provision of measured data. Thanks to storage on the web portal there are versatile options available to analyse readings, for system verification, data forwarding and alerting up to the creation of complete protocols.

From Sensor to Portal – all from one Source

NIVUS provides a consistent solution from energy-optimised sensor systems through transmission and provision of data in the portal up to complete protocols and evaluations. Determined measurement data are transmitted to the NIVUS WebPortal either via cable or mobile communication.

The energy-efficient sensors and telecontrol systems, the reliable and stable transmission of readings as well as the sturdily constructed data loggers enable to establish an almost maintenance-free and cost-optimised measurement data network.

Discover our measurement data portal with the demo login: NIVUS WebPortal

Find hints and support for the operation in our Tutorial-Videos

Application Examples
  • Level, pressure or flow measurement in water supply
  • Level measurement of water reservoirs
  • Level and flow measurement in irrigation systems
  • Monitoring of wastewater channel networks
  • Monitoring of waste water treatment plants
  • Flood warning
NIVUS SIM data tariffs for telecontrol devices

Using the NIVUS Data Tariff, expenses can be easily managed and controlled. Additional roaming charges are not necessary.

Your Benefits
  • Highest possible accessibility and data availability
  • Automatic service network changeover in case of service failure
  • Provider-independent in case of changing the location
The NIVUS Web Portal Modules

Our measurement data web portal has a modular structure.
This permits to scale your data handling individually.

Module Devices/Map
  • Indication of all devices on a map
  • Device information (field strength, battery voltage, temperature, …)
  • Direct entry to visualisation images, charts, reports
  • Quick overview in compact form
Module Alarms
  • Archiving of operation and error messages
  • Indication of messages with extensive filter criteria
  • Evaluation according to duration and frequency
  • Alarm forwarding via E-Mail
Module Visualisation
  • Quick and easy representation of individual and animated process images
  • Overview on all process data as tables
Module Files and Reports
  • Automatic creation of protocols and reports
  • Customer-specific templates
  • Export of reports
  • PDF preview in browser
Module Hydrograph
  • Creation of user-defined charts with high time resolution
  • Extensive import and export options

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